Statesboro F.O.R.C.E established in 2012 has the intention of   developing an organization supported by parents, athletes, and the community that will work with an unyielding spirit to provide a safe and disciplined environment to teach students  how to become a Pro-Person in the areas of academics, leadership, sportmanship and community involvement.  We will foster an atmosphere which encourages students to embrace an attitude of ....................


Focusing On Real Challenges and Empowerment


Statesboro F.O.R.C.E utilizes the sport of basketball as the spring board for this Pro-Person experience.  We accept athletes at various levels and begin assessing their skill set, kn0wledge, and understanding of the game to assist them in gaining tools/talents and abilities to help them compete at their next level.  Students are teamed with players of their age to gain a real picture of their strengths and weaknesses.



Statesboro F.O.R.C.E   believes that the real challenges, sacrifices, and opportunities of basketball serve as an empowerment opportunity for students to learn life skills such as determination, honesty, responsibility, and team work to become a Pro-Person.



Contact Information: 

Vernon Littles

912.489.1188  or 912.531.8657

406 Bobwhite Court

Statesboro, GA  30458

USBA Nationals

Myrtle Beach

9th Grade Finish Strong in the Elite 8


USBA Nationals

Myrtle Beach

U13 7th-5th Grade

Claim 3rd Place and accept invitation!!!


Georgia Elite Champs 6th, 7th 9th

June 21


Florida Father's Day Tournament.

Congratulations All Teams Wins

Champion Winners 6th and 9th Blue

June 14-15



USBA  Augusta

6th Grade 1st Runner Up

8th Grade Blue Champion Winner



Augusta Invitation

Congratulations 5th Grade  Tournament Win

May 3


South Carolina Warriors Tournament

Congratulations On All  Wins

8th Blue and  8thWhite. 


1st Place Runner Up 2014

AAU  Super Regional

8th Grade White  4/27



Statesboro Force Teams
A Power House In Savannah 
Congratulations in the
King Of Court Tournament
 Champions and  Runner-Ups!!!!! 4/6/2014
Congratulations 7th Grade
Adidas Tip Off Tournament
1st Runner up
8th Grade
(Team White)
Adidas Tip Off Tournament
Congratulations U12(5th and 6th)

United States  Basketball Association  Champions


USBA National Championship 
Thank You To Our Force Friends For Supporting  Players Efforts To Attend
United States Basketball Association Nationals
Myrtle Beach, SC
July 7th-12th and July 14th-19th
Congratulations!!!!  Statesboro Force Team 1 Ranked In The Elite 8 at the USBA National Tournamet Division 2 .  They lost in the elite 8 by 1 point. There were a total 0f 55 teams in the division.  The team consisted of all ninth grade players  Way To Go!!!!
     Congratualations!!!!  Statesboro Force Team 2 Ranked in the Final Four at the USBA National Tournament Division 3 claiming 3rd place.  They lost in Final Four by 2 points.  There were a totalof 32 teams in the seventh grade divison.  Players participating  in Statesboro Force team 2 consisted of 4-7th Grade Players, 5-6th Grade Players, and 2 5th Grade Players.  
Job Well Done!!! 
Update 7/7/14
Statesboro Force Team 1 Grade Team Left For Myrtle Beac.h 10:00 this morning.  Thank you to all for making this trip possible.   The players are having a great time bonding on the bus and reflecting on pass games they have played duirng this 2014 season.
3;3o Players arrived. Players going for team picture.
6:00  Player tour downtown Myrtle Beach Area
9:00 Player return  living quarters.
Update 7/8/14
Activities for the day
Players will attend the opening ceremonies at the Alabama Theater the MC for the program will be Bob Rathbun, Voice of the Atlanta Hawks.
Statesboro Force vs. Team Vision- Statesboro Force Wins!! Congratulations
Statesboro Force  will attend Fireworks Ceremony
Update 7/9/14
Statesboro Force played their second game today.  Statesboro Force WINS !!
Statesboro Force played their third game today.  Statesboro Force lost 3rd game.
Update 7/10/14
Rest and Relaxation  Day
Players  visit the Nike Outlet and Mrytle Beach Water Park.
Players have team meeting about upcoming games. 
As the players reflect, they send another THANK YOU to those that help make this trip possible. They have indicated they are having a great experience!!!!!
Update 7/11/14
Statesboro Force WINS monring game. Scheduled to play later today.  So proud.  We have come a long  way from last year.    You have to crawl before you walk!!!
Ms. Francis from Atlanta send best wishes!!!
Update 7/11/2014
Statesboro Force Team 2 is gearing up for the United States Basketball Association tournament that will be held in Mrytle Beach, South Carolina.  The team will be leaving July 21 and returning July 26.  Thank you to all that made this trip possible.  Please check back for events and game time. 
Update 7/12/2014
Stateboro Force lost the game by 1 point yesterday.  They will be returning today.  Congratulations on your victories.  We are very proud of your effort and dedication.   We will be traveling with the 2nd team next week.  The web page will be be updated once we return for those individuals that supported the players by participating in fundraisers and donations.
Again,  Congratuation Statesboro Force Team 1 !!!
Update 17
Statesboro Force 2 team arrived in Myrtle Beach Monday.
The players arrived,registered and met with over 50 teams.  On Tuesday the players attended the opening celebration at the Alabama Theater.  Over 2000 players were in attendance.  The speaker for the occassion was Jay Williams, former Duke All American Basketball player.  He was second player drafted by the Chicago Bulls.  The teams started pool play for assigments.
Update 19
Team two attended the Myrtle Beach Water Park.
Bracket Play Begins!!!!!!
Statesboro Force Team two ranks in the the ELITE EIGHT in National Tournament.   Congratulation!!!
Statesboro Force Team two advances to the FINAL FOUR.  Congratulations !!!!
Statesboro Force Team two ranks third place in the USBA National Tournament.  Congratulation!!! 

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Statesboro Force Sponsors Books, Bags and Balls

Books, Bags and Balls



Statesboro Force 5th and 6th Grade Basketball Team will sponsor its 1st  Annual  Books,  Bags, and Balls  Give Back Event.  

The sixth grade team will  collect books and other items and place in backpacks to give to  children. The receipents receive the bags based on their life experiences.


 2014 Books, Bags, and Balls will be presented to:

Charlie Givens

Austin Freeman

Alyssa Staten


A Special Thank You To Books-A-Million For Your Support!!


Coach:  Vernon Littles, DeAnthony Stevens, Lamar Lundy